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Capcom would like to know which legacy and current franchises you like

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Capcom has asked fans to fill a survey to help them understand which Capcom franchises are their favourites following yesterday’s gaming showcase. The survey mentions current and legacy Capcom games such as the Monster Hunter and Resident Evil series along with older games such as Breath of Fire, Dino Crisis and Okami. Players who fill in the survey are eligible to obtain a free wallpaper. You can fill in the new Capcom survey right here.

26 thoughts on “Capcom would like to know which legacy and current franchises you like”

  1. Monster Hunter and the best game I’ve ever played everyones favorite Dragons Dogma. Im still waiting for Dragons Dogma 2 and the Dragons Dogma MMO to release in the west. I know i can just make an alternate account and import a non localized version of the Dragons Dogma MMO from Japan. But i mean an official western release, with English subs and dubs.

  2. It has been almost 4 years since Megaman 11, and I have lost count how since the last X or Legend game (and no I am not counting the mobile game; as Genshin fan and probable ZZZ player, I am good on gacha games).

    I don’t want to sound indignant or entitled, but I believe we MegaMan fans have waited our turn long enough

  3. D4mn I’ve always realised I liked a lot of their franchises but… I want SO much from them xD Dino Crisis is probably the thing I’ve wanted for the longest, but I crave another next gen MH and a new Phoenix Wright game. Maximo as Cronotose mentioned would be neat – haven’t played that since PS2, as well as Power Stone, and another Dragons Dogma would be epic… I… I gotta stop there xD Borderline fan boy, but I can’t find love for RE, SF or Mega Man.

  4. This is a good idea, and I hope Capcom takes the questionnaire under advisement for continuing many of the series further. Personally, I’m a large fan of the Resident Evil franchise, but I would love to see Mega Man have a new breath of fresh air, that’s for sure.

    Speaking of Resident Evil though, I do gameplay and review content over on my blog, if anyone might be interested.

  5. Darn. The survey is closed. I personally will choose:
    Resident Evil, Mega Man (Legends 3), Ace Attorney, Dino Crisis

  6. Maximo 3: The game we never got. I’ve been waiting for ‘Maximo’ to come back ever since it’s cancellation back in 2009.

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