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Pokemon Presents roundup (August 2022)

Today, The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo revealed more details for Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, launching on November 18, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch family of systems.

In Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, Trainers will explore the spacious and varied lands of the Paldea region. Pokémon throughout the Paldea region are known to experience the Terastal Phenomenon, which makes them glisten like gems and gain special powers. Throughout the Paldea region, Trainers can join up to three other players for Tera Raid Battles to take on various Terastallized wild Pokémon. Check out the Pokémon Presents presentation on the official Pokémon YouTube channel.

  • The vast region of Paldea and its largest city, Mesagoza
  • The Terastal Phenomenon and Tera Raid Battles
  • Academy director Clavell, homeroom teacher Mr. Jacq, and Ice-type Gym Leader Grusha
  • Newly discovered Pokémon Fidough, Paldean Wooper, and Cetitan
The Pokémon Company International also unveiled the design for the 2022 Pokémon World Championships trophy and shared in-game events coming soon for Pokémon GO, Pokémon UNITE, Pokémon Café ReMix, and Pokémon Masters EX.

Source: The Pokemon Company

18 thoughts on “Pokemon Presents roundup (August 2022)”

  1. Right when you think this series can’t possibly get any worse, the legendaries go and transform into motorcycles… This is how I imagine the meeting went.

    Game Freak; “How much do you want the legendaries to look like transformers?”

    Shigeru Ohmori; “Yes.”

    1. I’m not really a Pokémon fan so I don’t really get why this could be considered a bad thing. Do you mind explaining why Pokémon motorcycles/transformers is a bad thing your opinion?

      1. tl;dr – My guess is the designs are too big a departure from the first couple generations of Pokemon. Also they might seem too much like Digimon to some.

        If I had to guess, it’s because Pokemon didn’t really start out like that. The first two generations of Pokemon were mostly understated and there wasn’t any crazy or human-like Pokemon. That was more of Digimon’s thing imo.

        But then they started getting more weird and wild with their designs. And now we’ve got Legendary Pokemon that are all-terrain vehicles… which is strange, basically. At least since Gen 3, the Legendary Pokemon of each game had played a big part in the storyline and they were meant to be more like… creatures of myth and great power and never seen. I guess that they are now just common sights in this new game is a little bit too much for some people.

        I mean… I get where they are coming from. But I’ve also realized that anyone who longs for the more original flavor of Pokemon just needs to let it go. Just pray that they, at least, improve gameplay. Legends streamlined a lot of things for gameplay so I’m optimistic if these new games continue the same way.

      2. The whole originality of pokemon was that it’s about animals but makes them more mystifying and fascinating. Everyday animals and plants you’d find in nature with an interesting spin on them. Take the pokemon Vileplume for example. It’s based off an actual plant called the Mandrake, who’s roots commonly resemble the human figure. That’s what made pokemon exciting. It’s sparks the scientific curiosity again by taking creatures and giving a unique spin to them thats a play on their scientific name or biology.

        Then came gen 3, 4, and 5, where they abandoned that design philosophy and solely focused on making legendary pokemon, pokemon that look cool, or pokemon that are powerful. The original kanto and johto pokemon had an organic design to them, whereas all these new pokemon are inorganic and have regular everyday stuff incoporated into their designs.

        This new approach to pokemon designs kills the whole “scientific curiosity” aspect of pokemon. At this point, it’s just yet another “cool monster catching game”.

          1. COSMICTORNADO there is nothing wrong with having preferences, what is wrong is sounding entitled and making it seem like their preference is superior.

            1. They didn’t sound “entitled” to me, just disappointed that the direction Pokémon has gone down is different to their preferences. There’s nothing wrong with expressing that disappointment either just the same as it’s not wrong for kids and others to still be excited for the new one. London was very civil with their comments, and from my perspective the only one beginning to sound antagonistic is you, anon

        1. I know you’re not for real with that.. gen one has a seal Pokemon named seal. Let’s talk about Muk, or snake spelled backwards.. electrode is just a PokeBall ffs. gen 2 is more of the same. Pokemon have always been dumb af in design, you just can’t take your nostalgia glasses off becuase you’ve welded them to your face.

          1. Nobody wins this game. The more new gens include a bunch of Pikachu-like Pokemon, some based off ice cream cones, one that’s just keys on a key ring, literal garbage bag pokemon, and gothic lolita pokemon.

            Pokemon gens have always had their stinkers.

    2. It’s a game for children. Kids love transforming, morphing stuff.. esp japanese children. Ala Sentai, Kaiju, kamen raider, etcetc. The series is no longer made with us in mind, becuase we’ve all grown up. It’s time you accepted that.

  2. I guess Game Freak looked at the Pokemon TCG and said, “Yeah we should add holographic Pokemon to the games!”

    An all-terrain vehicle is pretty good. It’s a little strange that it’s a Pokemon but… it would be hard to introduce a quick-access all-terrain vehicle otherwise.

    Still no confirmation that it’s like Legends. That’s key for me. Regular Pokemon catching is too slow-paced.

  3. Game looks good, but the new gimmick looks pretty and thats about it.
    Can’t help but chuckle at legendary motorcycles Pokemon.😆

  4. I wanted to see Detective Pikachu 2 video on Pokémon Presents, but no they decided not to show it on their video, how rude !!!

  5. Interesting that people have had such a visceral feeling towards the legendaries. Pokémon design has been poor for a while with overcomplicated designs, these aren’t really any worse (or better).

    For me, given how disastrously mediocre Sword/Shield were these games have to be all about gameplay, gameplay, gameplay, and on that front, I see some good stuff. Taking on the gym challenge (and other stories in the game) in the order you choose, being able to explore the world with friends, these feel like really positive changes that will hopefully bring Pokémon back to being your adventure to have the way you want to like it was in the original games.

    The game is still visually garbage with the graphics and animations, it really does not look like the flagship game of the biggest media franchise in the world. But that’s Game Freak for you, it would be silly to expect better.

    Overall, Scarlet/Violet looks like a small step in the right direction, the first for some time in this franchise.

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