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Hogwarts Legacy delayed until next year

Hogwarts legacy art

Avalanche Software, the developers of Hogwarts Legacy, have announced this afternoon the game is set to be delayed. It was originally planned to launch this winter, but instead the game has been pushed back to 10th February. However, the Nintendo Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy, could arrive even later than that according to the tweet. The team stated that the reason for the delay is due to them needing more time to polish the Hogwarts Legacy experience to deliver the best possible gaming experience for fans. They say that the Nintendo Switch versions launch date will be unveiled soon.

4 thoughts on “Hogwarts Legacy delayed until next year”

  1. I’ve come to expect this “delays” are the new normal. Why do dev’s even bother setting a release date anymore, just surprise us. Yeah, delays are always good, give dev’s additional time to polish the game. Just look at Sword Art Lycoris, good thing it got delayed not like it released a broken mess with duplication and crafting exploits.

  2. I’m looking forward to this game, but I’m fine with a delay. I’d rather have a delay then hear stories of crunch, followed by layoffs right after the game is released.

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