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SEGA: Sonic Frontiers still on track for holiday 2022 release

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SEGA management has informed investors that the company has no plans to delay Sonic Frontiers, meaning that Sonic latest 3D adventure is still scheduled to be released later this year on multiple platforms. They also said that Sonic Frontiers will be the type of game which will continue to sell well post launch, so it should hopefully set them up with a good fiscal year.

“We do not consider postponing the launch at this point. Within the communication with users, we intend to reflect the parts that can be reflected within the development timeline and to build empathy with users. Sonic IP is a mainstay title we will sell over the long term in the future, and we will continue to strengthen it in the next fiscal year onwards as well.”

SEGA’s Koichi Fukazawa and Makoto Takahashi


3 thoughts on “SEGA: Sonic Frontiers still on track for holiday 2022 release”

  1. It’s crazy to me how they keep putting these reassurances out – makes them look defensive rather than confident. You’d think stating this once would be enough. Sega must really be banking on Frontiers driving their Xmas revenue this year

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