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Kirby’s Dream Buffet weighs in at 1.2GB

Kirby featuring in Kirby's dream buffet

The upcoming paid Kirby multiplayer title which appears to be Nintendo’s answer to Fall Guys is due out on Wednesday. To those who are wondering how much space Kirby’s Dream Buffet will take up on their Nintendo Switch MicroSD Card you will be glad to hear it is only a mere 1.2GB. The multiplayer title staring the pink puffball sees players snack their way to victory by rolling through food-themed levels and includes a number of modes and mini games, which should please fans. Kirby’s Dream Buffet will cost £13.49.

Source: eShop

5 thoughts on “Kirby’s Dream Buffet weighs in at 1.2GB”

  1. Owl boy is hailed as the one of the best indie games ever made. Don’t let it fool you. I played it and it’s pretty much mediocre.

    1. KAF mah boi, wrong article, this is Kirby not Owl Boy. That being said, been meaning to check out Owl Boy.

      This game is not Nintendo’s answer to Fall Guys, it’s Nintendo’s answer to Kirby doing Fall Guys before time immemorial.

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