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Wave Race 64 coming to Switch Online’s N64 library on August 19th

It isn’t a rare thing anymore. What was once just a drip-feed of games added to Nintendo‘s Switch Online retro game libraries has now morphed into a weekly thing. It has been occurring for a good while now, and there have been no signs of it stopping anytime soon.

Tonight was another example of that. Nintendo has announced that Wave Race 64 is going to be coming to the Nintendo 64 retro library on Nintendo Switch Online. It’ll be added on August 19th. Nintendo’s announcement tweet can be seen down below.

12 thoughts on “Wave Race 64 coming to Switch Online’s N64 library on August 19th”

  1. Another game for me to pass on, hope everyone else likes it I was expecting a bit more other mainstream first party games like colisuem, smash, mario party and etc.

    1. I’m starting to have my doubts with Mario Party getting on the service and the online play running smoothly with it. I’ve been playing a lot of Mario Party 6 with my friends and I’m thinking of buying 3 soon. I remember having fond memories of that one when I would rent it 20 years ago.

  2. Get the F over yourself Felix! Wave Race 64 is one of the most mainstream N64 games. Tell us about the “drip-feed”, why won’t you?

    1. Hey, don’t lash out at people online just because you’re salty that you paid for the yearly subscription and just got this drip-feed.

    2. What’s the matter? Can’t handle criticism of the service? The drip feed is indeed abysmal and there should be more games being put out at a better pace. Nintendo needs to do better.

    3. +DREGAN
      Hey uh, Nintendo’s boots aren’t here, if you wanna lick them you need to go to them, not here.

  3. Yea mario party 2 should be there by now, but wave race is a fun one and I think it holds up, for a 64 game at least. If you have the switch online then give it a try. This and 1080, time for some new entries in their series, did they not sell or something?

    1. Thanks for actually saying something nice idk where dregan energy came from just really didn’t think wave race might be something I’m in too lol of course I tried ever 64 online game that releases even the ones that don’t interest me to much so I will probably play like 10 mins of wave race, if I enjoy it than the time will probably be extended as for everyone else thanks for coming in the comments section giving your criticism in a way civilized way for everyone to understand and chat, this is comment section anyway not a war zone lol.

    2. 1080 Snowboarding I would argue is an obscure one just for the sole fact that I didn’t know anyone else who played it as well as Extreme G. Other lesser known titles like Cruisin’ USA and Tetrisphere I maybe knew one or two people who played it as well, but it wasn’t fairly known. I’m just starting to realize that the bulk of N64 games was racing games for some reason.

  4. Pilotwings would have been a better choice, but I’ve never played Wave Race 64 to completion, so I guess I’m reasonably happy with it. As a title it’s a much stronger showcase for the N64 than Pokémon Puzzle League, anyway. Having said that, where’s Bomberman 64 1 & 2? Mystical Ninja? Any Rare game besides BK? What about cult hits like Silicon Valley? They’re being awfully stingy with third-party software here – a key pillar for the N64’s survival back then – and I suspect it’s because they’re simply trying to avoid paying for licensing

  5. If we get one game a week for months, I’ll say it’s a win because it’s better than 1 or 2 games a month. Cuz this way, we get 4 games a month instead. That’s 24 games if this goes on for 6 months. Which is better than 6 or 12. Extra points from me if it’s games I actually wanted. Like Bomberman 64 1+2, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Aidyn Chronicles, OgreBattle 64. And even though I have it on Steam, Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs.

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