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Filming has apparently now been banned for Sonic Frontiers at Gamescom

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Sonic Frontiers has been one of the biggest playable games this year at Gamescom with fans, and those who have gown up with the spiky blue hedgehog in their youth, all eager to see whether or not we are finally guaranteed a good new Sonic the Hedgehog 3D platformer. Sonic Frontiers has been one of the most filmed Gamescom game demos on social media and fans have seriously been putting the demo through its paces. The Sonic Frontiers demo is timed at 15 minutes, however, SEGA and Sonic Team has neglected to disable the game’s autosave feature, which has meant that players could continue to progress in the demo far beyond the set time, subsequently learning new secrets about the game. Because of this SEGA has decided to stop allowing people from filming the game due to this issue.


14 thoughts on “Filming has apparently now been banned for Sonic Frontiers at Gamescom”

  1. Why go to all the trouble of banning filming when it would be so much easier to just disable the auto-save? I don’t get SEGA sometimes.

    1. Probably isn’t a toggleable option and they’re not going to tear down the demo displays just to add it. Perfectly like Sega/Sonic Team to put out a game that can be exploited before it’s even been released (as promising as Frontiers looks).

  2. Played it at gamescom on Wednesday. Game is great, gameplay is a ton of fun as is the exploration. Graphics still need a bit of work, same for the draw distance.

  3. First thought on this game:
    They could never make a game as good or near Mario. So now they will try to make a Zelda game. Good luck Sega…

  4. Yeah I knew something like this is going to happen. I figured from the start that they don’t allow fans to film the whole entire game and discovered the secrets behind the development. Yeah. I really don’t understand these types of gaming company these days. Now I completely understand the reason why they do that to fans like that. I’m not really against this, I just find it a bit odd and strange like that.

    1. Excuse me, kid.
      I have noticed something rather interesting.
      Sega will release sonic frontiers after sonic forces, they both start with a “F”.
      So It’s safe to say Sega finally gave two F’s about “there” (their) fans and you.

      Church of Sasori

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