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Nintendo Direct tomorrow 13th September

Tune in at 7am PT/ 3pm UK time on Tuesday, Sept. 13, for a Nintendo Direct livestream featuring roughly 40 minutes of information mainly focused on Nintendo Switch games launching this winter. Watch it here:

Nintendo UK won’t be streaming the Direct live due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II as we are in ten days of mourning here in the United Kingdom. They will have the full event available on their YouTube channel at 4pm UK time tomorrow.

Source: Nintendo of America

31 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct tomorrow 13th September”

  1. I still can’t believe it’s happening so early the last time we got an early direct it was literally shadow drop, and that was years ago 2018 when they first reveal Mario aces and the donkey Kong port.

    That being said I know splat 3 update would be showing up plus Mario+rabbids and Bayonetta, but I’m hoping for some other good updates and dlc for some older games, maybe even a new captain toad game that being said my hype level is very low, and I await to see what Nintendo has to offer in their presentation.

    1. Well, people where speculating it to be early since Tokyo Game Show is earlier this year as well. Companies like to show off games they announce at the event.

  2. Huh, it actually ended up being true. Cool.

    Maybe some more BOTW 2 news here? I know it got delayed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have stuff to show off from it.
    Defo getting Pokemon S&V news, I feel that’s a no-brainer as it’s coming out fairly soon.
    Hopefully they’ll announce when the next Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack is coming out.

    Not really sure what else to expect tbh, aside from maybe more Sparks of Hope stuff.
    I don’t think there’s been too much major stuff announced for this Winter, unless I’m having a brain fart rn.

    1. You sure about pokemon S&V though it just got a trailer last week, even if it does show up it prob be a 2 min or 1 min trailer, I feel like we been getting lots of info dump for it.

      1. I’m not saying there’ll be anything major on S&V there, but it’ll show up for sure.
        Pokémon is a big seller for Nintendo and they’re gonna want to advertise it as much as possible before it’s released in a couple of months. I imagine they’ll possibly reveal a new Pokémon or two.

        1. Well you could say that because GameFreak mostly do their own thing by announcing their projects and Nintendo owns 75% of the Pokemon brand. But if that is your theory then I might believe your statement If it’s true.

      1. True, but I still think there’ll be, at the very least, an overview trailer for it if nothing else.
        Like the article says, this Direct will mostly be focused on games releasing this Winter. And Sparks of Hope is arguably a fairly big title for Nintendo (anything Mario related is tbh).

  3. Not sure what to expect, save for news on Pokemon, Metroid and Zelda, but I would like to see a oficial confirm of a Kid Icarus Uprising port for the Switch, especially if the rumors have any truth to them.

  4. I just hope they announce something good. Knowing Nintendo, it could be anythng. Here are my hopes.
    Mario Kar 8 Deluxe with Wario Stadium 64
    News on the sequel to botw
    Metroid prime 4 news
    Pokemon Crimson and Violet news
    Mega Man news whether it’s a new Mega man Game, Mega Man X Dive for switch, or MMBNLC with a multiplayer mode were you can play as every net navi that has ever fused with Megaman exe except Django
    Dragon Ball Fusions 2 with an EX Fusion of Adult Gohan and Future Trunks and an EX fusion of Chi-chi and Bulma (I can dream, can’t I?)

    1. Rumor has it, that both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess port
      Metroid Trilogy port
      breath of the Wild title will be revealed.

  5. I want a true surprise. Metroid Prime 1 port and Zelda port feel more inevitable. Would be great to see but also, like, about damn time what took so long. A complete remake of MP1 (thinking RE 2 remake scope), that would be a surprise.

  6. I’ve heard a few rumors and am looking forward to Metroid Prime and Breath of the Wild 2 info, but if the GameCube ports are real, I would love to see F-Zero GX ported along side the others. I’m hoping for some new titles too and some big surprises.

  7. Well well well, what a surprise, didn’t really expect it till next week, this will be a good watch, wonder what surprises they will have in store for us. Last year the big surprise was Kirby and the forgotten land. It’s very easy to expect something Zelda related, considering botw2 coming out next year, but I don’t expect it. Zelda Wind Waker on the other hand would be fabulous. Don’t think we will see Donkey Kong, Bayonetta 3 maybe unless they do a separate event next week for it. Mario kart download content. I really am hoping for Game Boy family of systems including DS games. No Pikmin 4. GameCube games would be nice. Metroid prime maybe. Banjo Tooie, Diddy Kong Racing and Goldeneye would be cool. 😁

  8. I have 1 prediction and two wishes for this upcoming direct: my prediction is that we will finally get a new release date for the Advanced Wars remake

    my two wishes are for Fire Emblem Three Hopes DLC and a port/remake/sequelt to Kid Icarus Uprising

  9. well i’ll be damned, they were sorta right though it sounds like its the UK that wont be live stream the Direct. i still dont believe in leaks and rumors from schmucks, only from the horse’s mouth but i will say these schmucks sorta win this time.

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