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Sonic Team boss adamant he would like to make Sonic Adventure 3, but would be huge “investment” for SEGA

Sonic Team head, Takashi Iizuka, has reiterated in a recent interview that he really wants to make a new entry in the Sonic Adventure franchise, ideally Sonic Adventure 3. However, Mr. Iizuka said that creating a fresh new Sonic Adventure game in 2023 would require a massive budget from SEGA due to its scale. It would need much more investment to make than it would have back in the days of the Dreamcast. Still, Sonic Adventure 3 would be Iizuka’s choice for the next Sonic game after development of Sonic Frontiers ends.

“Instead of a feature, I would like to use these golden keys to kind of make the next Sonic Adventure game. I was there for [Sonic Adventure] and was there for [Sonic Adventure 2,] those are my games. I really want to continue creating the Adventure series.”

“When you look at all the games that are out there now and knowing the kind of expectations for the next Sonic Adventure game would be, it would take a whole of investment from the company, a lot of development time, and a lot of game volume to really bring something to market. But that is what I would use the golden keys for.”


16 thoughts on “Sonic Team boss adamant he would like to make Sonic Adventure 3, but would be huge “investment” for SEGA”

  1. How would a return to Sonic Adventure require more investment than all these other 3D Sonics? If anything you’d expect it to be less expensive and less risky, considering that almost every 3D Sonic game since has tried and failed to reinvent the wheel, while a half-decent Sonic Adventure 3 with a Chao Garden is guaranteed at least a few million in sales from sheer nostalgia alone. I don’t know why these corpos remain so obstinately opposed to getting back to what actually kinda worked, but financial concerns obviously ain’t it.

    1. I imagine part of it is that a big part of Sonic Adventure games is playing as the different characters with different gameplay styles. Even in 2, where each side had mirroring characters, that was still three different character types (Sonic and Shadow, Tails and Eggman, Knuckles and Rogue). That means three different styles of gameplay to hammer out, three different philosophies of level design, and so on. It might not be the worst undertaking, but there is definitely more baseline investment than other 3D sonic games.

  2. Hey, Sega – if you’re concerned about the financial risk, start by remaking Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 from scratch. See how well those do in the market first, then have the same team develop a follow-up. It’s still a gamble, but it’s a model that’s worked several times in the recent past

      1. I don’t think there was a huge market demand for Colors or Origins like there is for another Adventure. At any rate, if Sega doesn’t approach development of internal projects with reasonable quality standards and a feasible timetable, they will fail no matter what they do

        1. I remember everyone getting extremely excited for sonic 3 though since it was hard to get cause everyone thought it was the mj controversy keeping it from coming back.

  3. Geez lizuka still continuing to mention Sonic Adventure 3 even so he has no plans on doing another one he said before. How long are we going to keep hearing about the same subject again.

  4. How does this make any sense? I’m certain a lot of people who haven’t bought a Sonic title in years would buy an Adventure 3, and fans who haven’t grown up with them would certainly still want to give it a try.

  5. Real talk: I personally believe Sonic Frontiers may actually be Sonic Team testing the waters. I mean that if Frontiers is successful, and people really enjoy their formula take on the open world gameplay, I could easily see Izuka using this as a basis for Adventure 3; he’s talked about it WAAAAY too much for it to be just bait.

  6. Um, Iizuka-buddy. There are some people trying to write SA3 for you. All you have to do actually listen to them, and not have the future of the franchise revolve solely around the Frontiers mechanics/branding, like Nintendo has done with BotW for future LOZ games.

    Sonic isn’t LOZ. He never was.

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