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Artist and illustrator Mika Pikazo created new Fire Emblem hero

characters in Fire Emblem Engage for Nintendo Switch

We found out earlier this week that Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have been working on a brand new Fire Emblem adventure for the Nintendo Switch and it is titled, Fire Emblem Engage. The game’s striking main protagonist with the blue and red hair was designed by Japanese artist and designer Mika Pikazo. Mika is known for creating V-Tubers for companies getting into the video streaming game and she’s also the artist behind the Fate/Grand Order mobile game character, Sei Shounagon, and the Apocalypse Witch manga series. Fire Emblem Engage comes to Nintendo Switch next January.

Thanks to Greatsong1 for sending in the news tip!


6 thoughts on “Artist and illustrator Mika Pikazo created new Fire Emblem hero”

  1. I for one like the designs of the toothpaste protagonists. First time I’ve been excited for a new FE game since Shadows of Valentia, and the new protagonist designs are part of that

      1. My initial post wasn’t satire. This is the first FE game I’ve had any bit of excitement for since Shadows of Valentia, and outside of remakes, since Awakening

          1. I never wound up playing it. I was a little interested in it, but the thing that ultimately stopped me from playing it was that if I wanted to fully experience the game I would have to replay it 3 times. I don’t really like the branching paths design in 3H and Fates.

            I played and enjoyed Shadows of Valentia though

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