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New Persona 5 Royal trailer & pre-orders begin now

Atlus has started taking pre-orders for Persona 5 Royal which is hitting Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS5. and PC next month. If you head on over to the Atlus store you can now pre-order the luxurious Persona 5 Royal 1 More Edition. The company has also issued a new trailer for the lengthy and critically acclaimed JRPG which has been available on Sony’s PlayStation 4 for quite some time. The game is also joining Xbox Game Pass on the very same day. Check out the newly created trailer down below.

5 thoughts on “New Persona 5 Royal trailer & pre-orders begin now”

    1. Royal is essentially the same game as the original Persona 5 just fyi, though with a lot of quality-of-life updates, some new gameplay mechanics and a brand-new story arc with a new dungeon and characters.

      It’s not going to be a whole new experience or anything if you’ve already played vanilla P5, but I do recommend it if you’ve been itching to replay Persona 5 with a whole bunch of additional content on top.

  1. I might bite the bullet and buy this, I own the game on PS4 but it’s one of my favorite Persona games and I’d love to have it on Switch, maybe let my partner play through it

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