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TGS 2022: Sonic Frontiers demo booths had to be closed due to demand

sonic frontiers

Sonic Frontiers is playable in Asia for the first time and series fans and newcomers at The Tokyo Game Show couldn’t wait to see what all the excitement is about. The queues for Sonic Team‘s latest 3D adventure became so long that SEGA had to close and restrict the demo booths, put up a sign, and work out how best to handle the queues. Sonic Frontiers is due out on the Nintendo Switch and other consoles on 8th November.

12 thoughts on “TGS 2022: Sonic Frontiers demo booths had to be closed due to demand”

      1. I feel like some fans are at a point where they don’t believe in sonic team being competent to deliver a good game anymore so lots of them resort to doing things like this, I been neutral on this whole sonic frontiers but I can understand how both parties feel.

    1. What do you mean “objective reality: undetermined”? The guy in this comment section told me it was objectively trash, and as a brainless Sonic fan I have to assume they are telling the truth

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