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Sonic Team boss: If Sonic Frontiers is a hit then it will be the “cornerstone of future Sonic games”

Game Informer journalist, Brian Shea, has managed to spend some quality time with the latest build of Sonic Frontiers at the American headquarters of the Sonic Team and has subsequently published his impressions in an in-depth article and he’s come away intrigued by what he has played. He also managed to speak to various members of the Sonic Team including the company boss, Takashi Iizuka, who assured Mr. Shea that if Sonic Frontiers becomes a commercial success and receives good review scores then fans should expect more similar Sonic games in the future as he stated that Sonic Frontiers and its design will be built upon for years to come.

“Should Sonic Frontiers prove successful, fans should expect more titles in this open-zone style. According to Iizuka, the goal of this project from the start was “to evolve the linear, stage-clearing 3D action that began with Sonic Adventure in 1998 and create a game that would be the cornerstone of future Sonic games.”

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18 thoughts on “Sonic Team boss: If Sonic Frontiers is a hit then it will be the “cornerstone of future Sonic games””

  1. In other words forever lost. Hmm, that’s no good!
    As a fan of the series, I was really hopeful with the release of Generations and Mania. Its a shame that momentum didn’t continue. This game will be the latest in many recent flops. Hopefully, they can turn this around. The blue blur deserves better, he’s a gaming icon and his games should reflect that status. Its sad that the name Sonic is seen more as a joke these days. Hopefully their next endeavor will see a more successful game.

    I have zero hope for Frontiers. One day they’ll learn not to rush a project. These games keep flopping because they’re full of bugs, pop-in, and just overall unfinished. I could sit here for about an hour typing out a long list of items that will keep Sonic Frontiers from being a successful game (don’t have time to do it though, lol). An open world Sonic game on paper sounds like a lot of fun, but they did not go about it the right way. Which is sad because there are a few fan projects that nailed the concept. All they had to do was follow the blueprint and it could have been a home-run, smh.

    1. You do make a value point there. Its a shame that Sonic Team is basically trying there best effort to make a challenge Sonic game just as they wanted. I know fans don’t expect things to be the same all the time. People wanted something new that is not rush right off the bat recently. People are still being a little concern about Sonic Frontiers and they believe it won’t hit the huge milestone like Sonic Generations.

  2. Okay, I’m convinced I’m the only person mildly excited for Sonic Frontiers, and I haven’t played a good 3D Sonic game since.. Colors? An open world, combat, puzzles, “stages” littered in-between.. I know it looks “bland” at first impression, but.. I mean.. we had Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic the Werehog, Sonic Lost World. It’s obvious it’s not going to be Breath of the Wild or anything, but I’m kinda excited for the format change. Sonic needs one. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up getting pretty favorable reviews once everyone has a chance to play it, and more was shown that didn’t make the debut.

    1. I’m with you lol even if everyone wants to hate and keeps asking for 2d. Loved sonic adventure, sonic colors, origins. Theres no reason why you can’t have both 2d and 3d games and have them be great. Just need the right formula

      1. I think that the sonic team is forcing this game a bit too much. The way they presented the game was the best fort impression and now is taking them hard work to convince us the customers that the game will be great. I can’t speak much on the game as I haven’t seen much of it, but I hope they take their time because it would be a shame to see another sonic game go down the drain… Again…

  3. It’s pathetically hilarious how uncertain Sonic Team has become about their own game lol. At first they said that Frontiers will define future sonic games, and now they’re saying “should it prove successful” then it will define the series.

    In other words; “Despite f*cking this series over for the past decade we still don’t know what the fans want or how to make a game that the fans would enjoy, so if this game doesn’t fail we’ll base every future game off Frontiers.”

    You’d think that after a decade of screw ups, Sonic Team would understand what aspects of their games fans enjoy and don’t enjoy, but no. After a decade, they’ve learned nothing from their mistakes and they’re not even confident about Frontier’s success at this point. Every statement they give makes them look more and more desperate….

  4. Good, that means there won’t be any games like this again.

    The levels of desperation Sonic Team is reaching is staggering.

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