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Video: Sonic Frontiers gameplay

It seems that SEGA had one last surprise for Sonic fans before the month of June was over with. A segment for Sonic Frontiers has appeared in today’s Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase. There is quite a bit of gameplay shown as well.

In fact, for the first time, fans are able to see what are called the Cyberspace levels, which can be accessed to earn keys. These keys will assist you in your quest for the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic Frontiers is still slated to release this holiday season. in the meantime, a tweet showing the gameplay can be seen down below.

12 thoughts on “Video: Sonic Frontiers gameplay”

  1. OOPS… When Nintendo shows of your game better than you can.

    Thank you nintendo for actually communicating the entire scope of the game in one small video.


  2. Yeah, just….not interested anymore whatsoever. Another cybernetic/robotic themed villain trying to be cool. This whole approach of having this boring and vacant island with cyberspace levels as “callbacks” to previous zones and games is just really lame. I swear, with every new game it really feels like SEGA is trying to run away from the lore and get us to like something different.

  3. Yeah, I… oh no. The trailer makes the game look really, really dry, like ’06 dry with better graphics. I hope I’m not paranoid, but the worst case scenario is another high budget disaster… and one that doesn’t even include a ton of interesting/glitchy playable characters like ’06.

  4. Looks good !

    Regarding comments everywhere, this new Sonic game will divide players/fans.
    They should change Sonic skin to a random character and everybody might be happy (?)

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