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Square Enix Save Point live stream happening tomorrow

square enix

It has been a busy year for Square Enix. They have been celebrating the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, as well as the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII. There have also been many new game announcements from the company, including Kingdom Hearts 4, Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. That doesn’t even count games that they have released this year, such as Live A Live.

With so much on the horizon, it was only a matter of time before Square Enix had some more news to share. Sure enough, the company has announced that they will be holding a Save Point live stream tomorrow. They say that they will be “showing so many trailers, answering your questions, and giving away a ton of game codes”. Their announcement tweet is down below.

1 thought on “Square Enix Save Point live stream happening tomorrow”

  1. Can’t wait for Crisis Core and Star Ocean The Divine Force. After Playing and finishing Star Ocean 5, i hope The Divine Force brings some life back into the series. Star Ocean The Last Hope International was the last good Star Ocean, was great seeing The Last Hope get ported on PS4.
    Definitely anticipating The Divine Force and hopefully Star Ocean The 2nd Story get’s an official western release for consoles.

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