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Super Mario Bros Movie themed Nintendo Direct this Thursday

Nintendo has announced this afternoon that they will be holding a special Nintendo Direct presentation based on the upcoming Super Mario Bros Movie this Thursday. You can tune into the presentation at 1.05pm PT / 9.05pm UK time for the world premier trailer for the movie which is in development via Nintendo and Illumination and is due for release next April. Nintendo has said that the Nintendo Direct won’t feature any gaming news.

8 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros Movie themed Nintendo Direct this Thursday”

  1. Really liking the look, I wish sonic got the full cgi movie treatment instead of the partial cgi and lots of live action, hoping that both movies for well though.

    1. Have to agree, this looks a lot more visually promising than I was expecting. Is that Captain Toad standing next to Mario?

      1. Naww it’s the regular one which will be voice by Jordan Peele, captain toad has an explorer outfit, and the toad next to Mario is wearing the usual blue vest and white pants.

  2. The visual looks great so this is a good start for the movie imo. Still need to see Mario and the others’ facial features though (and of course hear their voices).

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