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A job listing for Pokemon dev Creatures mentions “R&D for next-gen hardware”

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The Pokemon franchise is not just a Nintendo IP. It’s actually owned by 3 different companies. Nintendo, Creatures Inc. and Game Freak are all involved in the development process of new Pokemon games. One of the 3 companies, Creatures Inc., has been discovered by a Reddit user to be currently hiring.

They are currently looking for a 3D CG modeler, according to a recent job listing. However, what makes the job listing somewhat interesting is that it mentions “research and development for other next-generation hardware”. It also mentions the Unity and Unreal Engine video game engines as in the same service overview that the job listing has.

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14 thoughts on “A job listing for Pokemon dev Creatures mentions “R&D for next-gen hardware””

    1. Well next march is the 6th anniversary of the switch so it is most likely the switch successor! Weather that be a whole new idea or a ds to 3ds style we are not sure. Nintendo has (for the very most part) stuck to a 5-6 year cycle with their hardware and as switch sales are starting to slow down just a tad I think next fall will be the best time to drop the next generation of hardware if it is a substantial upgrade. If it is a revision/pro model of the switch I can easily see another spring/summer release to coincide with the anniversary of the switch!

  1. Shining Pearl will be the last pokemon game I buy that has single use TM’s. The game development is quite bad if we go back to such outdated mechanics.

    1. That’s cuz people complained about how the series doesn’t do anything new and when they do they complain about it and want to go back to the good old days hence why gen IV remakes are almost a one to one, i mean it is what people wanted, the same game but with a new coat of paint. Y’all have yourself to blame. Also the remake isn’t done by GF so don’t blame them for that.

      1. +Anonymous
        1. When did he blame Gamefreak?
        2. You say that like Mega Evolutions were not highly praised and have been requested to come back since….oh wait, they are.
        3. Pokemon BDSP are not bad because they are almost a 1:1, they are bad because they are full of bugs, the affection system is forced, the EXP Share is still forced, and the overworld looks asinine. If anything, the games would have been much better if they were made 1:1 but lacked the issues from the original games.

        Your entire comment reeks of ignorance.

      2. Oh yes, I too remember when fans complained ORAS wasn’t enough like Ruby and Sapphire and how none of those features from Emerald mattered. The selective memory you bootlickers have is overwhelming.

        1. Every video game console manufacturer has their R&D team working on their next console just shortly before the current one releases.

          Sony was already working on the PS5 right when the PS4 was released, Xbox Series was being worked on the same time as the Xbox One release. Nintendo was already working on the Switch when the Wii U released.

          It takes years to be able to come out with a product. There’s planning, innovation, scrapping ideas for new ones, and not to forget the actual development stage, and as soon as it’s out it’s time to begin work on the next one. The successor to the Switch, PlayStation 6, and Xbox Series successors are all being worked on right now.

          I personally worked in R&D at a company (not a video game company) and about a month before one of our products went on the market we were already developing the next one.

          You can be rest assured they will be coming in the near future.

          1. +Zohar
            Buddy, do yourself a favour and don’t respond to Gruntilda, you may as well go talk to a mountain. They’re just here to cause trouble.

  2. So if Creatures is only now hiring for R&D for game dev for Nintendo’s next gen, that’s going to be a few years down the road then.

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