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LEGO Group bans Zelda submissions

zelda ocarina of time navi

The LEGO Group has decided not to accept ideas based on The Legend of Zelda franchise due to what they say is a ‘licence conflict.’ Previously LEGO fans were able to submit their ideas for new sets and eight Zelda-themed designs had received over 10,000 votes on The LEGO Ideas site which means that the sets could be considered as an official project by The LEGO Group. The LEGO Group has been collaborating with Nintendo in recent times with the Super Mario-themed LEGO sets, so they are presumably free to share their ideas with the Kyoto-based company. The LEGO Super Mario series of sets are now in their third year and by all account they are doing well sales-wise. The Brick Fanatics website says that one reason The LEGO Group could have decided to close Zelda LEGO-themed submissions could be due to Nintendo choosing to create The Legend of Zelda play sets with a rival manufacture, though this hasn’t been announced by Nintendo.


6 thoughts on “LEGO Group bans Zelda submissions”

  1. I’ve seen the Mario Lego sets, didn’t realize they have Zelda themed designs. Whatever manufacturer creates the Zelda play sets It’ll be interesting seeing them. Im surprised they haven’t released a Mario or Zelda Lego game for The Switch.

    1. People can submit Zelda-themed designs. They are fan made. The LEGO Group then looks at the votes and if it receives a certain number they have to consider the project. That no longer work for Zelda designs.

      1. There are both. There is this line called “Friends”, but there is also the apartments and the Central Perk from the TV series. Interestingly, these Friends themed sets were also created via a fan submission to the LEGO Ideas and later accepted into production by the LEGO group, the same path that now is closed for Zelda themed sets.

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