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Animal Crossing New Horizons updated to version 2.0.6

animal crossing: new horizons characters

Nintendo has been very supportive of their first-party games this year, including the release of a lot of updates. There has even been occasional updates for Nintendo games that have no longer received new content. One example of this is Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The last update released in February, but Nintendo has decided to change that with a new update tonight. This updates the game to version 2.0.6. It isn’t surprising, but the update doesn’t have much. All that the patch notes say is that “several issues have been addressed to improve the gameplay experience”.


2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Horizons updated to version 2.0.6”

  1. Im happy they continue updating Animal Crossing even if the last update was in February. It might be nice if they actually said what the update was for besides just “Your Animal Crossing experience will now be more enjoyable” or just saying “several issues have been addressed” It might be nice if they elaborate a little.

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