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Europe: Bandai Namco filed a trademark for “Ultimate Ninja Storm CONNECTIONS”

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It is not just Nintendo that file trademarks. Other video gaming companies such as Bandai Namco will also, from time to time, file some trademarks of their own for similar reasons. The latest example of this has been discovered earlier today.

Bandai Namco has filed a trademark in Europe for “Ultimate Ninja Storm CONNECTIONS”. If you don’t understand the meaning of that, this is the subtitle for the Naruto video games that the company publishes and CyberConnect2 develops.


2 thoughts on “Europe: Bandai Namco filed a trademark for “Ultimate Ninja Storm CONNECTIONS””

  1. The entire first paragraph is unnecessary and filing trademarks is not an exclusive thing to one company. That being said i can’t wait to see what becomes of this, hopefully it’s not a mobile game unless they do it right.

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