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New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Nintendo Switch Online user icons available

logo for Pokemon adventure Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Nintendo Switch Online members have a new selection of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet-themed user icons to claim. These new rewards include various Pokemon and trainers who feature in the latest Pokemon games. To claim your Pokemon user icons all you need to do is go to the Nintendo Switch Online section on the Switch home screen and they can be found under rewards. You can customise your chosen icons to your heart’s content.

2 thoughts on “New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Nintendo Switch Online user icons available”

  1. Nice, i’ve never been a Nintendo Online member but this certainly gives me the incentive. Didn’t purchase a Switch because of Pokemon Violet and Scarlet, but i’ll purchase a Nintendo Online membership because of Pokemon Violet and Scarlet.

    One of my complaints about Pokemon Violet and Scarlet is the lack of cloths and/or outfits available. They have a select few cosmetics available like socks, glasses, gloves and backpacks. But your stuck with the academy outfit, hope they add additional content and add additional outfits. Haven’t found any in game shop that specifically sells entire outfits, just individual cosmetic pieces.

    It would be nice having an option of purchasing one item and just being able to change the color of said item. Not having to purchase multiple cosmetic pieces each with it’s own individual color. They missed a great opportunity to really make the character customization outshine they competition, so hopefully at some point they add additional outfits.

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