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Digimon Survive has now shifted over 500,000 copies worldwide

It appears that the long-awaited and long-delayed Digimon Survive turned out to be a sales success for Bandai Namco as the company has announced that the game has shifted 500,000 copies worldwide, which is nothing to be sniffed at. The company has thanked fans for their ongoing support for the Digimon franchise with the first game, Digimon World, launching in the west back in the year 2000. To celebrate the sales announcement, Digimon Survive is currently 30% off on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

4 thoughts on “Digimon Survive has now shifted over 500,000 copies worldwide”

  1. Really like how Digimon Survive has multiple ending routes and certain Digimon are only obtainable through specific routes. Same with getting certain Digimon evolution routes, they require high enough affection with specific characters. 500k is a remarkable milestone and accomplishment.

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