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Netflix releases new three minute trailer for Sonic Prime

Netflix’s new animated Sonic the Hedgehog series, Sonic Prime, is set to make its debut on the streaming service on Thursday, 15th December. To whet Sonic fans appetites, the company has released a new three minute trailer chock-full of classic Sonic humour and some lovely animated visuals. Sonic Prime is a joint venture between SEGA and American animation studio WildBrain. Check out the new trailer down below.

Sonic tries to regain the trust of his best friend Tails, except he’s not the Tails he remembers…and they’re not in Green Hill anymore…

3 thoughts on “Netflix releases new three minute trailer for Sonic Prime”

  1. Its technically not a trailer, it’s a clip from the show. But anyway this looks nice, can’t wait to see more.

    Also, am I the only one a bit intrigued to see Tails wearing pants?!

  2. Why is it that when i press “play” and try watching the trailer it says “The media could not be played” it’s the same thing if i try watching the trailer from Mynintendonews or the Twitter post. I’ve watched other trailers like The Mario trailers posted by Mynintendonews without any trouble, but certain trailers say “The media could not be played”

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