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Your Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2022 results rolling out to players

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Nintendo Switch owners have started receiving emails from Nintendo with their Year in Review 2022 results. The Year in Review 2022 informs players of their most played Switch games this year and also breakdowns of the various game genres you have played during 2022 such as RPGs, shooters, platformers etc. You can also choose your favourite Switch game you have played the year and share the image on social media. You can check your Switch Year in Review 2022 here.

5 thoughts on “Your Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2022 results rolling out to players”

  1. Most played is Pokemon Arceus, Super Mario Maker 2, and Bloodstained.

    I’ve been trying to make a full Super World for the past 2 months so SMM2 makes sense. I got so into Arceus that I 100% the game completely. I was even shiny hunting and giving away my captures on reddit (I never collected shiny Poke). Bloodstained… I reckon it’s because I got so into randomizer runs. Too much.

  2. Arceus and Kirby stand out the most, but played Arceus more, still Kirby is very very good, and it deserves a lot of love😁💖

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