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GungHo teases Grandia celebrations for 25th anniversary

Teaser image for Grandia 25th anniversary

The classic Grandia RPG series is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary and publisher GungHo is teasing some “exciting celebrations” for the classic roleplaying series which started life on the ill-fated SEGA Saturn. We received a Grandia HD collection on the Nintendo Switch though there were some glaring issues with it and plus it only contained the first two games in the series, though they were the two highest-rated games in the franchise. It will be interesting to see what GungHo has in store for Grandia fans next year.

1 thought on “GungHo teases Grandia celebrations for 25th anniversary”

  1. Not getting my hopes up anymore because whenever every single game franchise I enjoyed has an anniversary it turns out to be some crappy announce that results in absolutely nothing worth paying attention to, just look at the last Zelda anniversary.
    These anniversary announcements are only used to let these companies stroke their own egos while giving themselves a pat on the back while completely ignoring the actual games they claim they’re proud of.

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