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Koei Tecmo announces Fate/Samurai Remnant for Nintendo Switch

Koei Tecmo recently announced that they have been working on a new game in the Fates series which is titled Fate/Samurai Remnant and is coming to a variety of consoles including the Nintendo Switch later this year. Fate/Samurai Remnant is an fast-paced action RPG which is being supervised by Type Moon and Aniplex. The game will arrive in Japan and the west later this year. You can watch the teaser trailer here.

4 thoughts on “Koei Tecmo announces Fate/Samurai Remnant for Nintendo Switch”

  1. As someone who absolutely LOVED the Extella games, this announcement caught my attention; but the moment I saw Miyamoto Musashi (i.e. my all-time favorite female character in the nasuverse), this game had my wallet.

    Please let it come to the west soon

  2. I’m surprised Koei Tecmo wasn’t their priority when making the Extella games. Either way I’m buying it cuz i like the Musou and Musou-like games.

  3. It’s on most platforms.

    It amuses me that a game gets announced for various platforms and a Nintendo site tries to imply its a Nintendo exclusive, how desperate. Lol.

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