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UK: Nintendo Switch overtook PS5 at last minute and was best-selling platform 2022

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Console sales continue to boom in the largest gaming market in Europe, the United Kingdom. The Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch family of systems have all been selling extremely well. However, there could only be one winner for the best-selling gaming hardware of 2022 in the UK and the crown went to Nintendo in 2022 with their successful Nintendo Switch system. The Nintendo Switch was duking it out with the Sony’s PlayStation 5 for the top spot and the Switch overtook the PlayStation 5 when Nintendo decided to bundle a game with the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) for £299.99 at the end of the year. When asked about the sales differences between the three systems, Christopher Dring of Games Industry said that the difference is very, very small. So we can establish that the Nintendo Switch family of systems took 1st place, PlayStation 5 took 2nd place, and the Xbox Series X|S took 3rd.

10 thoughts on “UK: Nintendo Switch overtook PS5 at last minute and was best-selling platform 2022”

  1. The king from heaven Nintendo schooled and educated the son, Sony PlayStation; at the close of the season of plunder. Our wallets cry lol.


  2. I think the PS5 will sell better once the PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim release, whenever that might be. Some might be holding off purchasing a PS5 until the newer models are released.

        1. @nikki
          did you read the article? It is an accomplishement, because it’s such an old system. PS5 is the most hyped system for two years now and yet got outsold by a close-to-6year old portable thats constantly said to be so underpowered and outperformed by its competition. It is indeed absolutely crazy!
          I own a PS4 myself and can appreciate all of Sony’s accomplishments, but this round clearly goes to Nintendo. At least in the UK.

  3. Anyone who thinks Nintendo needs a new console needs to think again! After all we really don’t need one until breath of the wild 3 releases 😂

    1. These people has no business sense, they personally want a more powerful Switch (i think most of us do) but Nintendo is not in a hurry to release anything with these numbers.

  4. I don’t think there’s really any credibility to the rumors surrounding a switch successor in 2023 maybe an announcement at the end of the year but certainly no release until holiday 2024.

    1. If they somehow manage to keep these sales figures next year (which is possible if Zelda doesn’t get delayed again), it could go beyond that.

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