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Fire Emblem codenames suggests another game was in the works after Three Houses

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A Fire Emblem fan has recently been looking at the internal codenames for previous entries in the series and has discovered that there is potentially another Fire Emblem game in development at Intelligent Systems that was being worked on after Fire Emblem Three Houses development was wrapped up. Fire Emblem Three Houses was known internally at Intelligent Systems as Iron17 and Fire Emblem Engage was known internally as Iron19, so that just leaves Iron18. It is thought that Iron18 could well be Fire Emblem Genealogy, which has been rumoured as being in development at Intelligent Systems for quite some time.

7 thoughts on “Fire Emblem codenames suggests another game was in the works after Three Houses”

    1. Not sure, but because it wasn’t a mainline Fire Emblem game and therefore a spin-off, it apparently didn’t have the internal codename of Iron18.

  1. While I am all for a remake of Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War, I really hope Roy’s game gets a remake at some point.

      1. +Infinite Ridley
        Honestly, when you think about it, everyone talks about how Mother 3 should be localized (Which it should) but Roy is arguably more ironic because not only is he in Smash Bros like Lucas but his franchise is super-relevant, he’s touted as 1 of the main faces of the series, and he’s really popular.
        At least with Lucas you can make the argument that his game is just too obscure with a vocal minority but with Roy it’s straight up ludacrus.
        At least Roy got some attention in the newest game.

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