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Rumour: Metroid Dread leaker claims MercurySteam is working on new 2D Metroid

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A Spanish Twitter user who apparently leaked Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch before it was officially announced by Nintendo has said on the popular social network that the developer MercurySteam is beavering away at a new 2D Metroid game which the person says is currently scheduled as a 2025 release. Spanish video game studio MercurySteam were behind the critically acclaimed Nintendo Switch game and it would make sense for Nintendo to continue MercurySteams involvement with the beloved franchise after the critical and commercial success of Metroid Dread.


8 thoughts on “Rumour: Metroid Dread leaker claims MercurySteam is working on new 2D Metroid”

  1. I really hope so. Dreads such a satisfying 2d platformer.

    I think there was a video with mercury at the release of dread and they pretty much said if dread was successful there could be more to come.
    They could probably do away with the stealth with the emmis though, or improve it somehow.

    1. Giancarlo Thomaz Senoni

      Mercury Steam is currently working on a game know as Project Iron for Windows and unanounced consoles for 505 games

  2. Giancarlo Thomaz Senoni

    given how long Retro Studios is taking to develop Metroid Prime 4, this 2D Metroid game, that must be a remake or Metroid 6, must release before we are able to play Metroid Prime 4

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