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Rumor: Elizabeth Lail has been cast as Vanessa in Five Nights At Freddy’s film

Mario and Sonic are franchises that have been recently experimenting with video game adaptation movies, but they’re not alone. In fact, you might have already been aware of a live-action Five Nights At Freddy’s film that had been announced a while ago. Production of the movie is supposed to begin later this year, So a release is still a long way to go. That said, reports have been slowly trickling in on who the cast will be.

Well, it hasn’t been officially announced as of this article’s writing, but rumors of another cast addition have appeared today. You see, inside scoop reporter Daniel Richtman recently mentioned that actress Elizabeth Lail has apparently joined the movie’s cast as Vanessa, who is reportedly a female supporting lead character in the film. You can see a tweet relaying the news down below.

11 thoughts on “Rumor: Elizabeth Lail has been cast as Vanessa in Five Nights At Freddy’s film”

  1. A FNAF movie was announced, what, seven years ago? With the script being rewritten like three times?

    I often wonder if this will actually ever be a thing. I’ll go see it if it ever really happens.

      1. Didn’t Scott retcon the series like 15 times? Someone told me that the robots are no longer possessed by the spirits of dead children and there’s more than one purple guy.

        1. There are still dead kids and there is definitely not more than one purple guy. Robots can now have remnant which is basically souls and there is a purple guy family but only one killer out of all of them. William Afton is the killer and Michael is his son and plays a big part in the story but isn’t the main killer. Too much else to mention, it’s super convoluted

          1. Yeah, I think I gave up on catching up on the story when it got to the point of FNAF 4. I would argue that they need to slow down with the series, but most people don’t seem fatigued by it.

  2. I legitimately forgot that this was an actual thing, but that’s okay: I like Vanessa (for some reason). Now will I ever watch this movie? probably not, but I am happy the project is (supposedly) picking up steam again

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