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New Pokemon animation key visual and screens

The new Pokemon anime is set to make its debut this year and today The Pokemon Company has released a new key visual for the forthcoming series. The poster highlights the key new main characters who are Liko, from the Paldea region, and Roy, from the Kanto region, and there’s also some screens from the anime. The title and a firm release date has not been announced just yet for the new Pokemon animated series, which makes its debut this year.


7 thoughts on “New Pokemon animation key visual and screens”

  1. Anonymous Skywalker

    I see shiny Rayquaza meaning we might be getting it in the game or it could just be anime exclusive.

  2. Rayquaza is a 3rd generation Pokemon, it most likely won’t appear in any games(s) besides the one it was originally in. That doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be included in other games like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, they could possibly add Rayquaza as dlc or a special event.

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