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US: Nintendo most liked and well known gaming company according to Statista

Mario as part of Nintendo Pictures

A recent report for Statista Consumer Insights Gaming & eSports Special has revealed that Nintendo is the most liked and well known gaming company in the United States. EA came in second as the most well known company and the second most liked (52%) and Epic Games came in third (53% well known, but less liked less than EA), Grand Theft Auto developer, Rockstar Games, and Activision Blizzard, followed with 22% and 20% share of opinion, respectively. Nintendo games always tend to do well in the United States as we see each month from the NPD Group’s sales data.


6 thoughts on “US: Nintendo most liked and well known gaming company according to Statista”

  1. It’s all in the hat

    It’s a shame this couldn’t have been said during the Wii u era, I had many people not even know that Nintendo was functioning during that era.

    1. You are lying, lol. During the WiiU era, the almighty 3DS was riding a resurgence and releasing blockbuster games every month. As for the WiiU, some of the best Nintendo games came out on that system. Negative press kept Nintendo on everyone’s ( gamers ) minds. Mario is the face of video games, in fact ads Luigi, Pokémon, Donkey Kong, Zelda-Link, smash brother is the largest fighting game, Fire emblem became a juggernaut on the 3DS, Mario Kart 8 showed up on the WiiU, Bayonette 2 ( remember how fan boys of play station and Xbox cried at not getting it). Nintendo is to gaming as oxygen is to life.


      1. It’s all in the hat!

        If anyone’s a lier it’s you! Lol. Your so called almighty 3DS only sold 76 million, it was the weakest selling handheld out of all of them. The Nintendo DS sold over twice that many at 154 million. Even the PlayStation portable sold 82 million!

        The Wii U itself was the biggest flop of the century. Selling at over 13 million, selling 8 million less then the gamecube, and one of Nintendo’s worst selling consoles of all time, Both the Wii U and 3DS undersold all the previous models!

        Your silly statement, and selfish fanboy notions mean absolutely nothing. Sales numbers always talk the loudest, and Nintendo was almost a whisper by these numbers alone.

        1. The Xbox one sold 56 to 58 million. In short in terms of selling, the 3DS ( 75 million ) moved 386 million games. Remember Nintendo consoles don’t sell at a loss. Even if it’s only 15 dollars as profit on every console 😎. It was the second best selling console in the PS4 generation. Also added to this, 3DS games will be, and are worth more than games that will be or were released on the ps4 or xbone. It’s the value of Nintendo games. Their value, especially the refined games like fire emblem awakening just keep gaining.


  2. Honestly i just purchased a Nintendo Switch roughly a year ago, because at the time Disgaea 6 and Monster Hunter Rise was Switch exclusives. I was somewhat skeptical or apprehensive about getting a Switch, but i have no regrets purchasing it because it has plenty of other exclusive titles.

  3. How is EA number 2? I was asking myself, so are millions of other. Then it dawned on me, the publish FIFA( 2024 it will be called a weird name ) and Madden every year. EA dislike should never end, we cannot forgive them for closed amazing studios 😎.


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