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Niantic discusses “continued commitment to real-world play in Pokémon GO”

Believe it or not, Pokemon GO has been available to play on mobile devices for nearly 7 years now. The game is still getting lots of support from Niantic, and a new blog post from the company on the official Pokemon GO site is the latest example of this.

In the blog post, Niantic had decided to discuss “our renewed commitment to bolstering Pokémon GO’s in-person experience”. The company talks about 3 specific things that support their initiative: game updates, Campfire, and the Community Ambassador Program.

For game updates, Niantic reveals that they’re working on ways to make it easier for players to participate in local Raid Battle and make friends with Trainers you’ve battled with. They also plan to add “enhancements to the game experience when playing in person with family and friends” and “new features that provide benefits and encounters with more Pokémon while exploring outside”.

Campfire, something that Niantic launched last year for “Trainers to connect, discover local communities, and find active nearby Raid Battles”, was next. Although they didn’t give any specifics on what Campfire will be getting in the future, they did say that there will be more updates for it “soon”.

Lastly, Niantic talked about the Community Ambassador Program, which is intended to “nurture in-person Pokémon GO communities while also fostering new communities for Trainers to find”. All Niantic says about it is that they “look forward to sharing additional updates about the program later this year, including new ways to join and celebrate your local community”.


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