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Next Pokemon Scarlet & Violet update rolling out by end of April

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet video games

The Pokemon Company and Game Freak are busy working on updates for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet which didn’t launch in a great state. The official Pokemon account has said today that the next big software update for the game is currently scheduled for the end of April. This particular update will fix some of the issues related to in-game eggs. Pokemon fan site Serebii says that it will allow players who caught an Egg instead of Walking Wake/Iron Leaves to catch them again in a new run of the Raid event. However, neither The Pokemon Company or Game freak have commented on the much bigger issue of save data being deleted due to a bug introduced in the latest update which seems to stem from linking to the mobile app Pokemon GO or downloading the upcoming The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero downloadable content coming this autumn.

8 thoughts on “Next Pokemon Scarlet & Violet update rolling out by end of April”

  1. Im thankful the dev’s are taking the initiative and keeping the game updated, just wish they’d fix the save file deletion bug. Haven’t played in awhile and now im not sure if it’s even safe.

  2. Hopefully shit like this emboldens fans to have some more typical expectations of GF. I don’t fucks with modern Pokemon but releasing a game in that state and not following up with (much needed) updates until AFTER the shitshow would be disrespectful to me as a consumer. Really and truly they should have been R&Ding a new patch before the game had even dropped or announced they were working on it day one, it should not take public outcry to bring a game up to the bare minimum of expectations and I feel Pokemon fans can be quite lenient.
    Don’t get me wrong, GF are a talented group and I hope the day comes where they make a game I’m interested in again. But it shouldn’t take belly aching and mass outcry for them to fix issues that should never have arisen…

    1. You could say the same with Activision as every game they make/publish have bugs from the get go and barely rarely do bug fixes cuz they care more about ripping people off buy butchering 80% of a game to resell it back to loyal sheep and selling 20% of the game as base game. The amount of bugs in SV is a fraction of what any of Activision games have, especially CoD.

      1. Muh Activision
        Bro two wrongs don’t make a right, just because one company has terrible business practices doesn’t make another company having bad business practices any less shitty and this sort of overly defensive deflection of criticism towards the IP is precisely the type of leniency the comment you replied to mentioned. Activision can (and should) do better, but so can Game Freak. Stop being a shill, constructive criticism isn’t a crime.

      2. Yes, you could say the same about Activision and you should. Stuff like this should not be acceptable in the industry, and it’s downright insane that people will try to do damage control for literal game breaking bugs like this.

  3. Nintendo and Gamefreak are opposites. Nintendo waits over a decade to make a sequel and Gamefreak wants to release a sequel ASAP.

    1. And this is EXACTLY WHY getting sequels out immediately after the previous one is a bad idea. Haven’t you seen for yourself how unfinished Scarlet and Violet are? Game development takes time. But it looks like that concept won’t stick in your head as you continue to spout the same tired and asinine drivel you always do. Thinking isn’t your strong suit, is it?

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