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Persona creative director working on “various ways” to bring Persona to wider audience

Joker invPersona 5 Royal Switch

Persona fans have a lot to enjoy on the Nintendo Switch. A grand total of 5 games are available on Nintendo’s hybrid console. A couple of them, Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden, launched on the console earlier this year. The franchise has a lot of fans, but companies are always wanting more, and SEGA and Atlus are no exception.

You see, Persona series creative director and producer Kazuhisa Wada spoke to SEGA Asia in an interview recently. In the interview, which was translated to English by Persona Central, Wada says that “we are working on various ways to bring the Persona series to a wider audience”. As for the franchise’s future, all Wada said is that “I can’t say any specifics at this time, but please look forward to it”.


10 thoughts on “Persona creative director working on “various ways” to bring Persona to wider audience”

  1. I thought Persona had unbelievably great special effects,cheap looking graphics and characters that never shut up long enough for me to play the game. I couldn’t complete the slog and moved on.

        1. Then why are you here? these news obviously aren’t for you, but no, gotta be a loser and post your comment as if your dumb opinion was that important.

  2. It always amazes me how they talk so much in these interviews without actually saying anything of note.

    Atlus really are the masters of giving vague and meaningless answers to their questions.

    1. Listen, this is just corprate talking, it ain’t an Atlus thing, every single company keeps everything secret because, well, competition and such, don’t want too much leaking out.

  3. If you want me to be a persona fan, then separate from Sega and stop with the sacrilege. I know that’s even less likely than Crash Man getting a net navi counterpart and Sally Acorn being playable in a Sonic game. My point is I don’t think I will ever be a Persona fan.

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