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Super Mario Bros. Movie impressions roll in

logo for the new Super Mario Bros movie staring Chris Pratt as Mario

Time has crept up very quickly as The Super Mario Bros. Movie from Nintendo and Illumination debuts on Wednesday, 5th April. Today, first impressions have rolled in on social media and the initial impressions are very positive with the movie’s spectacular animation and the magical Mushroom Kingdom all getting nods of approval from various influencers and gaming fans. While we have yet to see full reviews for The Super Mario Bros. Movie from the all-important film critics, the first impressions appear to be glowing. Here’s a sample of impressions:

19 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros. Movie impressions roll in”

    1. I’m really excited to go see this movie this week, I’m also glad about getting on blu-ray in June, this is going to be way better than last super mario movie 😁😁😁😁

  1. That Germain guy sounds like he had his fair share of angry fanboys going after him for not liking a single thing before. People really do try to act like you’re out to get the creators or committed some sort of heinous sin just because you said you didn’t like one product.

    1. I’m so glad I never grew up in that weird 90s era of “you don’t own Sega or Nintendo well you suck” thinking about it is so weird and I still don’t understand why they were at each other throats despite them both making different games that appeal to different audiences.

      1. I played video games around the tail end of that era, but I never understood the rivaly between Nintendo and SEGA fanboys back then. I really enjoyed both.

        1. There was no rivalry. Sony tried to start some stuff with “Sony does what nintendont” slogan. It didn’t go anywhere.

      2. They were not at each others throats. Also you talk about that weird era, have you not seen how Microsoft and Sony have been the last 2 decades? Your whole comment is completely off base.

        1. It definitely wasn’t push as hard in my era fr plus the area I live you either had a Nintendo, Sony, microsoft or all of them so it wasn’t a big deal back than, and yeah you might need to take off your nostalgia goggles cause it definitely was push a lot in that era a good amount of Sega/Nintendo ads featured their opponents hardware being destroyed or made fun of in some type of way, most of the ads can even be watch on YouTube as people are archiving them.

  2. very weird choice to not include Germain Lussier’s actual review, which was the only negative one on this list, but only include his footnote.

  3. I think the movie will flop seriously hard. At least the first one turned I to a cult classic. This one will not even get that option.

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