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Mr. Run and Jump: Atari and Graphite Lab’s New Platformer set to launch

Atari and Graphite Lab have joined forces to bring gamers an exciting new action platformer, Mr. Run and Jump, set to release on July 25th across multiple platforms including Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), and Atari VCS. In a recent press release, Graphite Lab owner and studio director, Matt Raithel, expressed his excitement in bringing this game to gamers worldwide. “Dazzling animation, intense platforming, and approachable characters all come together in a package that was made better with the help and support of the team at Atari,” said Raithel.

Mr. Run and Jump takes players on a thrilling journey through the Realms of Color where they must face treacherous enemies and a variety of challenges. The game features precise controls, silky smooth gameplay, and free-flowing level design, making it a speedrunner’s dream. Players must run, jump, dash, and roll to hard-to-reach locations to find collectibles while facing off against devious enemies, each with their own unique attack patterns and personalities. Dynamic Assistance allows players to adjust the difficulty level to their liking, enabling them to enjoy a more approachable experience with less heart-pounding peril. The game also features an original story of a transformed world, a devouring Void, and all the wonders of the Realms of Color.

What makes Mr. Run and Jump particularly special is that it was originally created in 2021 as an Atari 2600 game by John Mikula, a developer at St. Louis-based indie studio Graphite Lab. The game’s precise platforming showcases the legacy 2600 hardware, still capable of engaging hobbyists and fans over 40 years after its release. Both the teams at Atari and Graphite Lab were enamored with the 2600 title and decided to create a modern version of Mr. Run and Jump, highlighting the best of the 2600 title for modern consoles and PCs while layering in a beautiful landscape of color and sound. Mr. Run and Jump is set to offer over 30 hours of gameplay, including time trials, hard-to-reach collectibles, achievements, and more. With dozens of unique levels within six distinct, vibrant, and beautifully illustrated worlds, Mr. Run and Jump is sure to capture the attention of gamers of all ages and skill levels. Mr. Run and Jump seems like an exciting addition to the world of action platformers, and with its release just around the corner, it’s definitely one to keep an eye on.


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