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Sizzle Season kicks off today in Splatoon 3

Starting today, all Splatoon 3 players with an active Nintendo Switch Online membership will have access to Sizzle Season 2023. Blaze an inky path across newly added stages, alongside a slew of hot content, including new weapons and a new Challenge mode. And a fresh season means a buffet of gear and items to grab from shops and the seasonal catalog!

The Challenge mode features limited-time events with special rules – or limitations! – to add some extra spice to Turf War and Anarchy Battles. Here you might see all kinds of chaos unfold, including stages covered in fog, jumping boosts for everyone or even multiple Trizookas for maximum absurdity! Your performance in Challenges won’t affect your Rank Points in the standard Anarchy Battle mode either, so don’t be afraid to paint it all on the line. Win five battles within a Challenge and you’ll earn yourself an in-game Shell-Out Token as a little bonus, too.

Celebrating the start of Sizzle Season 2023 is the New Season Challenge. There will be three play windows kicking things off, so splash around and show everyone what you’re made of:

  • June 2, 9-11 p.m. PT
  • June 3, 5-7 a.m. PT
  • June 3, 1-3 p.m. PT

Sizzle Season 2023 also offers even more content to dive into, including the new battle stage Barnacle & Dime, the returning Splatoon 2 favorite Humpback Pump Track and the Jammin’ Salmon Junction stage in Salmon Run. There’s also the explosive S-BLAST ’92 and the heavy-handed Painbrush (that’s not a typo!) weapons to help you make a serious splash in matches. Plus, shops across Splatsville – and Inkopolis, in the Splatoon 3 Expansion Pack* – are stocking fresh fashion and items so you can avoid getting roasted by your peers!

4 thoughts on “Sizzle Season kicks off today in Splatoon 3”

    1. The gameplay updates did, the new content (new weps, new maps, new catalogue, etc.) did not. That stuff only became available around 7PM my time (central).

  1. Can’t wait to max out the new catalog! I hope there’s some good punk outfits included, I’ve been looking for stuff to pair with my skull mask

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