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Square Enix reveals they faced a number of hurdles porting Final Fantasy Pixel games to console

Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters playing on Nintendo Switch

Square Enix received a fair bit of negative feedback when they first announced that the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters would be for smartphones and PC, rather than consoles. Thankfully, the team saw the light and decided to release them on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster producer Naofumi Takuma has said in a new interview that they initially thought it would be a clear run using the PC versions of the games to bring them to consoles, however, it seems that that wasn’t the case. Takuma says that they encountered hurdles which all required more optimisation than they thought, but at the end of the day the optimisation they put in place “made things much faster.” You can read the full interview here.

Were there any special challenges with the Switch and PS4 versions of the games that the team didn’t face with the PC and mobile adaptations of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster?

Takuma: It is rare to create a console version when a PC version already exists, and we expected there would not be that many problems if we used the PC version as a base, but when we ported the games, we encountered some hurdles including long loads and processing dropouts, which required more tuning than we had expected. In the end, I think the optimization made things much faster.


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  1. Now if they will just release a patch to fix the tiny font sizes on consoles (this is especially bad when trying to play on the Switch Lite), then we will finally be all Square.

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