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Nintendo clarifies plans for the Nintendo museum

Nintendo has unveiled new details about its upcoming museum project, which has been officially named the “Nintendo Museum.” This announcement was made during the latest Nintendo Direct presentation by Shinya Takahashi, providing eager fans with insights into what to expect from this exciting venture. The Nintendo Museum aims to showcase a diverse range of Nintendo products spanning the company’s illustrious history. Nintendo enthusiasts can anticipate a treasure trove of artifacts, from iconic consoles to beloved games and memorabilia.

Construction on the Nintendo Museum is currently underway, with a target completion date set for March 2024. However, the precise opening date will be confirmed at a later time, keeping fans eagerly awaiting further updates. Situated at the location of the Nintendo Uji Ogura Plant in Kyoto’s Uji city, this site has a rich history dating back to 1969. Initially established for manufacturing playing and Hanafuda cards, as well as serving as a customer service center for product repairs, the plant played a vital role in Nintendo’s early years. While these functions eventually moved to another Uji city plant, the building remained dormant.

In 2021, Nintendo revealed ambitious plans to transform the plant into a museum, following discussions with the city of Uji. This decision coincided with the city’s redevelopment efforts in the nearby Ogura Station area, making the Nintendo Museum an integral part of this urban renewal project. Although Nintendo has previously exhibited some of its products, notably at the Nintendo World store in New York, where a museum section showcased rare systems, the Nintendo Museum represents an exciting first. It will be a dedicated and permanent space designed to celebrate and preserve the rich history of Nintendo, allowing fans and visitors to immerse themselves in the company’s storied past.

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      1. As a kid I owned all Nintendo’s and also the Mega drive cause we could rent those games in a local store.Always preferred the Sonic games over Mario and still play them till this day every so many years unlike Mario which I haven’t touched in over 15 years. Sonic 1 , 2 where really good games at the time , Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles even better. Cooler character , faster gameplay , great boss battles and level design.

        Sega did have some other nice games as well though.

  1. There should be a high budget huge video game museum in Tokyo for other video games companies like Nec Pcengine Namco Capcom etc, and someday I will visit.

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