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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door remake coming 2024

Nintendo has announced in today’s Nintendo Direct that a remake of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game will be releasing in 2024. Nintendo also tweeted the news, so you can see their official announcement tweet about the matter down below.

17 thoughts on “Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door remake coming 2024”

  1. Another Mario RPG remake? Nintendo really showing some love to these classics. Maybe the next Paper Mario game will return to form.

    1. Ok now people can shut up about the remake not coming or not existing anymore, 😭 honestly hoping the next paper Mario RPG has a mix of modern and old and and just relies on a decent battle system.

  2. I missed out on TTYD the first time around and I’m not willing to shell out $150+ for a used copy that I can’t verify still works, so I’m excited to see it get a remaster coming out next year. I’ve heard nothing but good things about TTYD, and I’m not missing it a second time.

  3. The heavy use of ‘Everything is paper !’ graphics are an eyesore. Only a few locations look like a dedicated remaster of the OG instead of a high quality origami project. :/

  4. Have anyone else noticed how the controller face buttons in the trailer are colored identically to the SNES’s (JP/PAL) and New Nintendo 3DS’s face buttons? Red A-button, Yellow B-button and Green Y-button (the X-button is not shown in the trailer).

    I’m wondering if they’re planning on bringing back that color scheme for Nintendo controllers in the future, since they’re color-coding the buttons like that for this game.

  5. Good to see TTYD finally coming to a modern console. This was probably the hardest of the popular Nintendo classics to play (via legal means), as the game would often sell for well over $100. I don’t know which game now takes the lead as the Nintendo game most in need of a modern port.

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