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First look at Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, show starts November

Netflix has been delivering the goods when it comes to animation as the Drop 01 is currently taking place giving fans a look at a variety of upcoming animated projects the streaming service has in the pipeline. The latest trailer is for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off which will debut on 17th November. Check out the clip for the animated show down below.

3 thoughts on “First look at Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, show starts November”

  1. Netflix best quality is the animated series they have and are producing in the future because between this new Devil May Cry, Ominusha (probably spelled that wrong), Castlevania, etc if they stiay away from live action we are good.

    1. And yet, wven animation can turn out to be a woke disaster like MotU Revelation. Never trust Netflix or you get disappointed.

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