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Team Ghost wins latest Splatfest

This weekend, Nintendo decided to have yet another Splatfest take place in Splatoon 3. This time, it was a Spooky-themed Splatfest between Team Skeleton, Team Zombie and Team Ghost. That said, it is Sunday night now, so the Splatfest has concluded. All that is left is for a winner to be officially declared once again.

Well, the results are officially in. Team Ghost has won the Splatfest with 33 points. Team Skeleton was the runner-up with 24 points. You can see the official announcement tweet of the Splatfest results from the North American Splatoon Twitter account down below.

2 thoughts on “Team Ghost wins latest Splatfest”

  1. As long as Shiver didn’t win again. I was on Team Ghost, but if we were going to lose to another team, I wouldn’t have minded if it was Frye/Team Skeleton.

    VERY surprised Skeleton had the least votes, especially since almost all my normal matches were against them. I think I only saw Team Zombie three times and I NEVER had a Tricolor match that wasn’t all Team Ghost players.

  2. I had a stinker of a Splatfest! I was on team Zombie and was defeated soooooooo may times. My win rate was down the toilet. Couldn’t believe some of the games we lost too. Some we were dominating all battle, until the very end.
    Nearly bounced my controller a few times.
    Also, I only battled against team Skeleton ONCE the whole weekend. Every other battle was versus Ghost.
    Was wild how popular team Ghost was!

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