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SEGA joins Nintendo in “looking at other ways to bring its IP to more consumers”

Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic Dream Team for Apple Arcade

SEGA is doing well at the moment and is currently in the process of exploring how it can bring some of its large library of IPs to other platforms than traditional video game consoles. This is similar to Nintendo’s thinking a few years back which saw Nintendo creating their own theme parks, in the form of Super Nintendo World, and bringing Mario to the big screen and smashing records across the board. SEGA is thinking about more movies and bringing some of its gaming properties to the popular Roblox. SEGA also has the recently unveiled and well-received Sonic Dream Team coming exclusively to Apple Arcade next month. It will be interesting to see where they go next.


4 thoughts on “SEGA joins Nintendo in “looking at other ways to bring its IP to more consumers””

  1. Setting aside the obvious ideas like releasing games on other platforms (seriously, why can’t the Switch get a port of Adventure 1&2 or Unleashed?), I say let some anime studio like Ufotable make a Sonic anime based off of the Adventure era.

    Food for thought

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