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Splatoon could be the next addition to Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World is now open to the public at Universal Studios Hollywood and doubtlessly it will be a must see attraction for those who live in the area. At the moment Super Nintendo World is themed around the iconic Super Mario Bros franchise, but in the future Nintendo will be adding other attractions based on popular characters in Nintendo’s long history. Mr. Miyamoto has hinted in a recent interview that the next Nintendo IP to come to Super Nintendo World could be the Splatoon series which has proved to be hugely popular with Nintendo fans worldwide since its release on the Wii U system.

It’s called Super Nintendo World, but it has a very Mario theme. It follows a lot of the same characters that exists in the Mario universe. Can you talk about how you landed on that decision of “We want to have a Mario-centered theme”?

Miyamoto: As you said, it is Super Nintendo World, and there was discussion about adding other IP in there like, say, Splatoon. But instead of having our focus scattered, we thought it would be best to start with something focused and make sure something that’s quality and good. And so that’s where we ended up starting with Mario. However, because of that backdrop, if you notice you might be able to find some other IP sprinkled in the world. So I encourage you to take a look.


7 thoughts on “Splatoon could be the next addition to Super Nintendo World”

  1. Well of course- you can’t call it “Nintendo World” and just have Super Mario; that’s only part of Nintendo, albeit a large part. That would be like Disney World just being Mickey Mouse.

    1. My guess will be that each expansion will be called something different, and the original Super Nintendo Land will be renamed to “Super Nintendo Land – Mushroom Kingdom.” Kinda like how they have The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade.

  2. I don’t see Splatoon being a big enough IP to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build a theme park land on that needs to stay hugely relevant for over a decade. Especially when you have stuff like Zelda and Pokemon. Hell even Kirby is a better choice than Splatoon.

    There have been genuine big discussions and even actual blue prints and specific ideas already in the works for a Zelda theme land in Islands of Adventure. Pokemon was also discussed with a ride being based on Pokemon Snap, and using a smartphone app to find Pokemon through the entire park. I don’t see them ditching those for Splatoon, I think Miyamoto was just throwing out a random IP as an example.

    1. Zelda’s environment changes so much… Same for Pokemon… Mario’s land features are easily recognized Zelda’s not really outside of a medieval setting… Pokemon just take the Pokemon go approach..

      Splatoon can get away with a lot more. Inklings cities through paint goop everywhere and have a center stage where they do the hololive performances they already do with off the hook squid sisters and deep cut…

      1. But ya gotta’ understand theme parks need to appeal to the normies. People who don’t know the deeper details of an IP – but just are aware of it and like it enough. Splatoon has very little normie fan base. Splatoon is more of a “Summer 2025 in Citywalk we have a pop up Splatoon experience with themed food and a gift shop” kind of thing. Not a spend 300 million dollars on a chunk of land to stay there for 20 years kind of a thing. Also I would say both Zelda and Pokemon definitely have recognizable general design. Zelda’s land would likely lean towards the BOTW / TOTK look.

        It’s already been deeply discussed between Universal and Nintendo – Zelda is the likely next phase of Super Nintendo World. The area it’s going to take over is at Islands of Adventure, and it’s the lost continent section of the park right next to Potter. That area is VERY neglected and has 0 appeal to anyone these days – so they are itching to do something big with it.

  3. I love Splatoon, but it really should be Zelda, Pokemon or Kirby that gets the theme park treatment next.

    …That being said, I can imagine a Splatoon theme park having some really cool competetive attractions in it, so I don’t mind too much.

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