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Video: Super Mario Bros. Movie commercial

Marketing for The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been officially in full swing for a little while now, as the movie is less than 2 months away from releasing in theaters. That said, the latest example of the movie’s marketing may just put a smile on the faces of veteran Mario fans.

You see, today is Super Bowl Sunday in the United States. Because of this, there’s a lot of new commercials airing. One of them is a commercial for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The commercial heavily references The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, a series that originally aired in 1989. The commercial even features the rap song that was the show’s theme.

Believe it or not, the website mentioned at the end of the commercial is real, and it takes you to information on Mario and Luigi’s plumbing business. Texting or calling the phone number in the commercial even gets your results. If you call the latter, you’ll receive a special message from Luigi. If you do the former, you can sign up for movie-related promotional materials. The commercial, as well as a link to the website, can be seen in the announcement tweet from the movie’s official Twitter account down below.

12 thoughts on “Video: Super Mario Bros. Movie commercial”

  1. L is real, if you can find him

    Awesome Nintendo showing some respect to fans for a change, L is real, I guess he was in Mario 64 DS, but he never appears in Mario Sunshine silly Nintendo.

  2. Ha! The website is nice. You can hear various sound effects when clicking on certain things and they even made a mock error 404 page when you click on an image that didn’t load.

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