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Team White Chocolate wins chocolate-themed Splatfest

This weekend saw another Splatfest take place in Splatoon 3. This time, it was a chocolate-themed Splatfest between Team Dark Chocolate, Team Milk Chocolate and Team White Chocolate. It’s Sunday night now, so the Splatfest has concluded and it is time for a winner to be declared.

Well, the results are officially in. Team White Chocolate has won the Splatfest. In fact, Team White Chocolate managed to win the Splatfest with ease, pulling off a clean sweep. You can see a tweet relaying the news of the results of the Splatfest down below.

9 thoughts on “Team White Chocolate wins chocolate-themed Splatfest”

  1. I thought the Splatfest was next weekend! I had to play catch up! I got distracted with the new Gameboy.
    I have NEVER been on the winning side! Oddly, despite white chocolate’s obvious popularity I mainly battled milk chocolate. I must’ve been ten pro battles in before I came up against white.
    Tricolour battles are great!
    Looking forward to next Splatfest (so I can pick the losing team again).

  2. First the fun splatfest, now this! Big man fans are picking splatfest teams just because of big man. There was no reason we should have seen so much of team fun. There was no reason when me and my team won 2 333x battles in tricolor on the attacking team. THEY ONLY WON BECAUSE THEY GOT EXTRA CLOUT FROM THE TEAM THAT IS EXPLAINED EASIER. Attacking teams don’t know that they have to work together and to bum rush the signal, but the team with the easier side gets to get 1.5x the clout for it. Thats also 4 people getting that much clout instead of 2

    1. You sound super salty and before you get on me fyi I pick team white chocolate cause I love white chocolate and milk chocolate as well, also team gear beat fun, and grub l big man won two shiver won two and frye won 1 theirs literally no imbalance fr.

    2. +Ian
      Look at the spectacle this dude is putting on. You do realize the only thing the winners get is a few extra super sea snails, right? If you participate in the Splatfest and reach the highest rank, you got a good load of Super Sea Snails even if you lose.
      Sheesh dude, you really need to chill out. And also yes, Felix Gray is correct, not all Splatfests result in Big Man winning so no idea what Splafests you been playing in.

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