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Sonic Frontiers director tells fans to look forward to more 2D Sonic games

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Sonic the Hedgehog had a busy 2022, and 2023 is looking to be relatively busy too. That said, Sonic’s 2D branch of games has been, for the most part, quiet. A compilation of classic Sonic games, Sonic Origins, released last year. Other than that, however, the last new 2D Sonic game was Sonic Mania in 2017.

Well, Sonic Frontiers director Morio Kishimoto has told a fan via his Twitter account to look forward to more side-scrolling Sonic games. Whenever there’s a 2D Sonic game announced, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, you can see Kishimoto’s tweet about the matter down below.

7 thoughts on “Sonic Frontiers director tells fans to look forward to more 2D Sonic games”

  1. I love 2D Sonic games and I’m really looking forward with another side scrolling game like Sonic Mania has offer. Also, Dimps? Why would a fan mention Dimps? We don’t need them to be part of future Sonic games. They mess everything up with Sonic Unleashed on the Wii and Colors on the DS. Not only that, they mess up the online connection with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and nerf the meditation move during the update which makes me really upset about it. They can’t do anything right.

    1. You just described Sonic Team.

      Dimps developed the sonic advance trilogy, the sonic rush games and sonic pocket adventure which are far better games that the ones sonic team developed during the dark era of the franchise. You are blaming them for following orders from the imcopetents at Sega/sonic team.

  2. I was looking forward to more 2D Sonic games and then Origins came along and wasn’t up to scratch and it seems like Headcannon and Sega have fallen out so hmm, not so much anymore. I have zero faith in Sega and Sonic Team to look after this series but hey, I hope to be proven wrong.

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