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New photos from Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Super Nintendo World will be opening its doors to eager fans at Universal Studios Hollywood on Tuesday 7th February, 2023 and a number of high profile entertainment and news sites such as the Los Angeles Times and Variety have been given access to the beautiful park for a sneak peek and have snapped some lovely photos of the experience along with impressions, which are well worth a read at the two websites above.

“There is a story line behind this whole experience, guests, after walking through one of Mario’s hallmark green pipes, will find themselves in the castle of his beloved Princess Peach, who has just had her golden mushroom stolen. Part of our mission is to help her get it back. That’s the rationale and the purpose behind a lot of the interactive games. But it’s clear the mandate was that this is not going to be a place where you go to play video games. This is a place where you’re going to go to be in a video game.”

“My definition of games is maybe a little bit different. I know that some folks like to say if somehow the experience is keeping score, it’s a game. There are other attractions that have, on a one-dimensional level, kept score. But from a complete immersive aspect, everything that you’re doing here is being tied into your Power-Up Band. Then, delving into the reality of the Mario Kart ride experience, where you have AR goggles, physical sets, video mapping, LED projection — you are in a full-blown game that is unique every time based on what you’re doing. It’s pretty next level.”

Jon Corfino, vice president at Universal Creative

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  1. Ok 2 things first off I find it funny that Bowser has a book called how to talk to princesses in his castle, second off really a golden mushroom is the plot, that’s kinda barebones considering how easily obtainable they seem to be in other Mario games, really wish it was like a super powerful crown or like some major big powerstar.

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