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Rumour: Verified Reddit leaker teases a Metroid Prime announcement

metroid dread

One of the moderators for Reddit’s Gaming Leaks and Rumours sub occasionally receives direct messages from one of the sub’s users who creatively leaks video gaming news, just before it is officially announced. The person has previously creatively leaked to the moderator the official name of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD on Switch, Splatoon 3 and Wario Ware, before they were officially announced in an Nintendo Direct. The Reddit moderator says that the user has “an undefeated record” when it comes to leaks and that the user DM’ed the Reddit moderator today saying “Do you think everyone is primed and ready?” possibly hinting at Metroid Prime news, most likely the Metroid Prime Remake which Venture Beat and Games Beat journalist, Jeff Grubb, insisted earlier this year is real.


24 thoughts on “Rumour: Verified Reddit leaker teases a Metroid Prime announcement”

      1. ||That abomination isn’t worth mentioning…i already have enough knowing that those mechs were created with what was left of my remains…||

      1. That’s a lie. Prime is made by retro Studios. Guess what it’s a Nintendo in-house game; no one makes first party like the big N.


  1. definitely a leaker and everything i say is 100% accurate, if it dont come true then its delayed.

    there is also a rumor that on the next Direct Nintendo will announce their next gen that is slated to come out holiday 2023. will have an OLED at 1080p 144Hz, they are ditching APUs or CPUs with integrated graphics, CPU is 6-cores, 12-threads, GPU is that of a 3060 Ti, 16GB of GDDR6 SDRAM, Bluetooth 5.1, and 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6), backwards compatible with the Switch. Switch games played on it will have boosted performance as it will have DLSS 2.0. no ray-tracing. battery life between 15hrs to 20hrs. most of the new games will run at 60FPS and the rumored price is $350 USD.

    1. If they make it just twice as powerful as that, and charge $400, with Mario Kart 9, Mario bros. 4, Zelda remake of majoras mask, and Pokémon in the first year. It might sell 200 million consoles.


      1. problem is that its an unrealistic price for something that powerful. might as well as Nvidia to sell a 4090 for $500 new and ask AMD to sell a Ryzen 5 7600x for $80 new.

    2. I think it’s highly, highly unlikely we’re going to see a Switch upgrade/successor before Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom releases, let alone any sort of announcement of one.

    3. In other words Pikmin 4 will be about $479 dollars all because the developers after Pikmin 3 didn’t start work immediately after that game was done.

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